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to get the lights baton. bge is reporting just over 7200 outages in maryland. if pepco is reporting nearly 2100 in d.c., prince george's, and montgomery counties. dominion is reporting nearly 700 in northern virginia. >>> wheaton and our top story, a traffic alert for people driving into the district. phase three of the 14th street bridge rehab project is underway. that means a new traffic pattern for the 200,000 drivers crossing it on a daily basis. brianne carter is live in arlington with what you can expect. on this expect good morning. >> good morning. the middle lane is shut down for the rehabilitation work. plenty of signs out here directing traffic on either side of that closure. we are starting to see more volume and low back up, something we expect all morning. -- and a little backup. on the 14th street bridge, the monday morning commute could come with some trouble. >> in the morning there's a point in time where nothing moves. >> they're beginning work on the third phase of the rehabilitation project in the middle lanes and half of the lens of the bridge. >> it is planned
of storms. let's see the storm watch of southern maryland, with more rain coming our ray -- our way, and a new area north of nthis area is moving this way and north of germantown, and our storm scan shows another area of stormings acrossing southern maryland at 2 in the morning, and then a final bunch of storms with a cold front. so an active weather night. and showing here with 1 pnts 1 inch and more on the way, and tonight terrific thunderstorm with 55 miles per hour winds gust, and we will let you know what is coming our way after the storm with watches and warnings and look at it for the next seven days. >> we have news on the gamits left behind. >> and we have jay with news. >> heavy rain and strong rain with chaos, on d.c. neighborhoods, we on on d.c. line where a sizeable tree trunk mashed this chevy blazer. >> a storm dropped trees on the d.c. region and one large tree crushed a car. and check this out, a large tree blocked the canal row, and in one neighborhood one stately tree covered an entire lane. cars were forced to navigate around this dicey section of rhode island av
, it is dÉjÀ vu in maryland. there is one thing that the gubernatorial competitors agree on the. ough. >> mother nature may present none at st. andrews today. we will talk about the running backs situation with the redskins. backs situation with the redskins. i'm from the gulf coast. my family spends a lot of time here. i have a personal interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan. i'm in charge of bp's clean up on the gulf coast. bp's taken full responsibility for the clean up, and that includes keeping you informed. over 25,000 people are included in the clean up operation. our crews are cleaning the gulf beaches 24/7. we're going to be here as long as it takes to make this right. >> and the maryland governor's race is heating up. >> it may seem eerily familiar, because the same two men are going after the state leadership. >> we sat down with the governor o'malley and bob ehrlich to get their take on the race. >> governor o'malley was in baltimore touting new jobs today. one person says he gives the governor high marks for helping his business grow durin
methane gas leak as well. >>> battleground maryland. gov. martin o'malley's reelection campaign will get a boost to night. vice-president joe biden will appear with him at a fundraiser in baltimore. ole is expected to face former republican gov. bob ehrlich in the fall. >>> the vice-president as a bold prediction but the outcome of the midterm election. >> i think we're going to shock to everybody. we are going to win the senate and the house. >> white house press secretary robert gibbs said last week that democrats could lose control of the house. the polls show voters don't have much confidence in and congressional democrats. republicans say they will win the 40 seats needed. >>> the split may be forming in the department. the national tea party federation says that it has expelled conservative commentator mark williams. he wrote a fictional letter from "colored people " to president abraham lincoln's. he said it was meant to spur an honest debate on race. >>> still ahead, new details about the wild night at the university of maryland basketball game. is thatwho the center of that inve
a deal with maryland prosecutors. he showed up in court today in maryland. brianne carter is like to tell us what happened with this. what is the latest? >> dilante west was very apologetic in court today, ashamed by his actions. it started in september of 2009 when officers pulled him over on the beltway for speeding and reckless driving. police found two handguns, and more than 100 shotgun shells and a ninth. today he entered a guilty plea on two of those charges for carrying a concealed weapon and carrying and transporting oil loaded handguns. today he was sentenced to eight months home detention and two years' unsupervised probation and will continue psychological counseling and community service. we heard from him as he spoke out after court. speaking out and saying he was glad this was over and behind him, saying he was very apologetic and could move on with his career. he said if his career is affected by this, he knows he will be able to move on and work in a career where he can continue to counsel youths as he has done in the past. brianne carter, abc7 news. >>> moving on to othe
on the maryland governor's race. martin o'malley was touting new jobs in baltimore. the company's ceo says he plans to vote for o'malley, giving the governor high marks for helping his business grow. >> we have made tough decisions as a people and state to safeguard our children's future and expand opportunities. >> the race is heating up. real clear politics calls it a dead heat. >> where are you miss stepping? >> that is also where it stood on the eve of the race of four years ago. m o'malley says voters are hurting under the recession, but maryland has done better than most dates he says. held on to our job base better than for other states. >> it is about jobs, jobs, jobs, and jobs. back on the campaign trail, ehrlich admits he got fired by voters in 2002. he attributes that to problems in washington. today, he insists he is the better candidate. >> that is the message that is going to surround the states, the region, the world. >> he cites things like the so- called walmart cap and regulators he accuses of acting too much like sheriffs. >> what are they doing? this does not help people.
. the forecast is minutes away. >>> breaking news out of oxon hill, maryland. the inner loop of the beltway is closed because of a deadly accident these are live pictures of the back up near st. barnabas road. at this point, no word on when the inner loop will open, but we will keep you posted. >>> coming up, a local doctor is missing. it might have something to do with what a patient said he did behind closed doors. >> a woman is suing a major airline, trying to force them to return $20. >> new fears the cap over the gulf oil well may not hold. >> next, extra friends. gulf oil well may not hold. >> next, extra friends. >>> if you are on facebook, you are not alone. >> as of today, you may have 500 million new friends. half a billion? >> it is half the people. -- is lot of people. one in 14 is using facebook right now. how much time we're spending on it is daunting. >> probably half an hour. >> some people wake up to it, and it is the last thing they do before going to bed. as of today, more than five under million people are around the world are using facebook to keep in touch with friends
that is still light on 95, 66, looks good in maryland, across the american legion bridge. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we begin with breaking news from northeast d.c. police are investigating an overnight incident, new video. it is at eastern ave. details are sketchy, but we will keep falling the story. >>> we are turning to our top story. more water problems in potomac, maryland. the mass of water main breaks sent a geysers of water shooting into the sky on wednesday afternoon. they have stopped the leak, but the repair work will take place all morning. we will have reports in a few minutes. >> dangerously high temperatures have claimed two lives in maryland. the death toll is eight. the latest case was a baltimore resident who died earlier this week. this weather is putting stress on power companies. an electric grid operator declared an emergency vet yesterday as the power demand soared. they're urging residents to conserve electricity. numerous outages across the d.c. metro area. last night people along a street in northeast had no lights and no air conditioning. >> my house is a heat box
into western maryland right now. a live look over the capital shows a lot of sunshine. patty afternoon clouds. 76 in arlington, 93 for the high temperature. scattered late-day thunderstorms this afternoon. >>> connecticut avenue is closed between the blunt part metro, 24 st., karen lofton and daughter -- kalorama. there is police activity on connecticut avenue near the bridge that is over the rock creek parkway. things are running very nicely between fedex field and the ikea. back to you. >> thank you. >>> it will be a busy day for lawmakers on capitol hill. the first order of business is a bill to restore unemployment benefits to 2.5 million americans. >> and the democrats will soon have the votes needed to pass the $34 billion bill, is not popular with republicans concerned about the big national debt increasing. now to pamela brown for the latest. >> debate over the senate stalemate is expected to end today. until now, democrats have tried three times to overcome the republican filibuster. the replacement of the late senator robert byrd is expected to be sworn in. that could be the game ch
and 236, the left lane is closed. on a bette -- braddock. let's look at maryland. this side of the beltway is quiet. we are at the american legion bridge. metrorail is reporting normal service. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> our top story today, the aftermath of all the strong storms. thousands across the region are in the dark. pepco is reporting 3000 outages mostly in montgomery county. more than 3800 dominion power customers or without electricity. there is damage all across the region. we will have a live report on that a little later. >>> breaking news from wheaton. police are investigating a suspicious death. adamec county police say that a man in his 20s was founded in the 3300 block of randolph road at 1:00 this morning. >>> d.c. police have arrested a convicted killer who confessed to five more murders. the 35 year-old boy was a killing spree spanned six years between 1994 and 2000. all the shootings took place in southeast. he admitted his role in the deadly shootings while spending time in jail for two others. >>> police of intensifying their search for oliver scola aidala s
and maryland. today state and local police are timid about to crack down on hov violators. the program will target violators along interstate 66, 95, 395, and dulles toll road. authorities will be valid in force during the morning and evening rush hours. they cited more than 1200 drivers in may. worldwide camera violators in arlington today will get $50 tickets. the cameras have been in place for past month. there at three intersections of lee highway. north lynn street, fort myer drive and washington boulevard. another at glebe road at fairfax drive. >>> day 93 of the oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. a tropical storm brewing in the atlantic could hamper cleanup efforts. this comes as the government is downplaying concerns that the cap is buckling. five weeks have been found nearby. they are calling them very small and the seepage detected on the sea floor two miles away if it's coming from an abandoned well. >>> still ahead, on this wednesday, major developments from the federal racism scandal. the department of agriculture could be backtracking now. >>> another water main break co
a successor to the late senator robert byrd. >>> mary kay. >> in the maryland governor's race, a montgomery county woman is bob ehrlich's new running mate. he made the announcement on youtube. mary lives in potomac maryland. she has been director of special projects of the u.s. chamber of commerce since 2008. >>> outrage at arlington cemetery and the army pulls a pledge to ultimate soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. >>> toyota could announce another major recall. >>> mild weather continues. another major recall. >>> mild weather continues. [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas and you've moved on to the dumb ones, it's time. american standard heating & air conditioning. a higher standard of comfort. it heard what happened to the vcr and the cassette player. and the answering machine. it knows what happens to obsolete technology around here. what you need to help your tv understand is it's not the one that's obsolete. it's the cable technology that's obsolete and fios is the one making it obsolete. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers
truck and ambulance are blocking one lane. on the maryland side, 410 closed jones will road, no problems between richmond and baltimore. metrorail is reporting normal service. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> thousands of people will wake up in the dark this morning. pepco is supporting 2000 pilot outages in montgomery county. 1200 and prince george's county. more than 600 in d.c. without power. 2500 customers in northern virginia are without power. >>> let's turn to our top story. commuter chaos on mental's red line. krystl-- on metro's red line. enough is enough with the broken escalator. >> it was not a hot weather that had commuters fired up. >> i said there's no way there would not be one escalator and working. >> if not one of the six escalators at the two entrances to the dupont circle metro stop north. that meant nothing and puffing up 150 stairs. >> apparently they felt it was no big deal. >> the transit agency directed to those in need of help to the one elevator providing service. commuters say it was a long line and a long wait. >> there were a hundred people down there. >>
. a 25-year-old from district heights, maryland was killed when his car struck a tree overnight. vander williams crashed into the tree and was ejected and pronounced dead on the scene. police say speed was a factor. montgomery county fire and rescue are on the scene of a fire in wheaton, md where an std crashed into a super chicken restaurant. -- suv crashed into a super chicken restaurant. and we are getting another look at metro cars that were damaged in the collision last year. one train struck the back of a train that was parked. no passengers were on board at the time but three employees sustained minor injuries. we turn to the news in the gulf of mexico. day 91 of the oily, and testing begins on that cap, and there could be lawsuits growing over pp >bp. >> the government and pp do not see eye to eye on what to do next. >> if encouraging signs continue, we are hopeful that we can get to the point where we can get the well killed. right now, there is no target to set the will and not open to flow. >> but the government confirmed a seep and possible methane over the wells. as a resul
with breaking news in maryland where thousands of customers may be going without much of their water this holiday weekend. we are live in the potomac with the latest on this news. >> it is actually going to be about 1.8 million people. that is how many people are serviced by the wssc water supply. it is a water main break that was prevent -- predicted and preventable. i'm holding a cable that is inside this 8 foot diameter pipe. it actually sense that the pipe may soon break, so the wssc was able to respond. they're just getting underway trying to figure out exactly where this week despite in the pipe would be. -- this weak spot in the pipe would be. this means mandatory water restrictions across this service area. 1.8 million residents are asked -- being asked to cut back dramatically. >> we have issued mandatory water restrictions. we need customers to stop all outside water usage. do not fill up swimming pools. do not flush your toilet every time you use it. cut back on laundry and running a dishwasher. >> your looking at a map now that shows you the entirety of the service area.
are dead, including one american. and maryland teenager was hurt in the blast. we are live with developments. >> a 16-year-old was among the more seriously injured. she was part of a church group watching the world cup when the blast erupted. victims of the terror attack are struggling to understand how a night of triumph ended in tragedy. the target was a popular ethiopian restaurant and a crowded sports field. among the dead are a 25-year-old american. at least six other americans were injured, including a 16- year-old from maryland. she and her grandmother planned to return to maryland tomorrow. the girl was in the restaurant in the blast occurred and now she is in a hospital in johannesburg. a 32-year-old man who is recovering in hospital. >> at the beginning of the second. there was this big explosion. most of the victims were ugandan. >> they did not do this for nothing. >> the obama administration has condemned the attack and a spokesperson said that an fbi team is on the ground and it has pledged its support as the investigation continues. >> members of congress are
murder is. >>> fire destroyed a townhome in maryland before maryland and the basement of his home in temple hills. firefighters spent 20 minutes putting out that fire. one firefighter fell for the floor into the basement however he was not injured. the fire was accidental say investigators but it cost $240,000 in damage. no one w injured. >> >>> there were terrifying moments in the middle of a cross-country flight from dulles international airport. at least 30 people were hurt when united airlines jet ran into turbulence on a flight from los angeles forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in denver doug mckelway is live to tell us what happened to. >> if ever there was a reminder to keep your seat belt buckled on a smooth flight, this was it. clear air turbulence is something pilots cannot see on radar. the outside of this alboin 777 -- of thisboeing 777 does not show a scratch but the inside is different. >> it looks like there was a huge party on the plane. >> tomato juice was blast against the ceiling, oxygen masks were shaken loose, and one woman was thrown with such fo
that moved through ashburn, take a look at doppler now. down in southern maryland there are welcome showers. they all going to continue to move out. during the day tomorrow we will see more of the same. we are into one of the hottest summers of all time. earlier today over 1 inch of rain. the heat and humidity will continue. and why you should be wearing these over vacation. it will be humid. i will tell you more about this stuff. >> do we have 3-d weather? federal authorities make a major gangbuster in northern virginia. immigration enforcement released this video of 30 arrests in fairfax county. they were arrested on weapons and violent crimes charges. 26 were arrested on immigration charges. >>> a baptist church pastor faces serious charges after he sexually abused a teenager. police say jason bolton began having sex with a 17-rolled curls starting at the beginning of this year. -- 17-year-old girl. >>> we are going to monitor the developments from the floor of the gulf. the cap on the oil well has begun to leak. engineers from the government is keeping a close eye on this cap, but have
arrested, but there is still quite a bit of support for the errors on a bill, including a maryland state delegate who plans to -- for the arizona bill, including a maryland state delegate to plans to introduce a similar measure. a >> id is not a party issue, it is an american issue. >> as many as 18 states say they want to push a similar bill similar to arizona. >>> coming up, a new twist. the key decision she has reached about her future. >> < 48 hours until chelsea clinton's wedding. -- less than 48 hours until chelsea clinton's wedding. >> first, the multiplying number of cases at arlington cemetery. >> first, the multiplying number of cases at arlington cemetery. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> outrage on capitol hill over the spiraling number of mislabeled graves at arlington national cemetery. >> as many as 6600 burial sites may have been affected. former superintendent john metzler blamed the problem on his staff and a lack of resources. and he said he takes full responsibility, but that was not good enough for one senator. >> it is called kee
. the extra clark added today made room called the writers. >>> maryland's highest court is weighing in to stop a casino in anne arundel county. they will go on -- they will hear arguments on whether residents will have a say to build a casino at arundel hills mall. construction could begin soon if the court agrees. >>> police are on a hunt for an ei found the. --iphone thief. the robber asked the victim for directions on the pawn and snatched it and ran. coming up, three months since the oil started spelling in the gulf and some are bringing the plight over the oil spill to capitol hill. we will explain. get ready for fireworks in illinois in a courtroom for the governor gets ready to go under oath. plus, making her way to jail, lindsay lohan starts her time behind bars. will they keep away break anytime soon? adam caske ♪ [ female announcer ] wisk is about to change the way you look at stains forever. discover the power of our stain spectrum technology in the new red bottle of wisk. coming august 2010. [ female announcer ] wisk is about to change the way you look at stains foreve
probably felt that in virginia and pennsylvania. in annapolis and parts of southern maryland, they felt this, maybe even stafford county. >> this is not the first earthquake we have ever had in our region, but they tend to be very minor with very few people feeling them. this 3.6 is much more significant than we are used to. >> is. -- it is. we get one every couple years and they are minor. we get reports, tons of them. this is one of the bigger ones i have seen. >> we did not feel it. some people at the station did. >> i was outside to do our weather segments and i cannot quite feel it. one of our viewers named peggy in middletown, md. woke up her husband to ask what it was anti thought that was the cat jumping onto the bed, but she told him she thought it was really an earthquake. >> we have received funding descriptions, anything from the thought it was a plane crash, to a loud truck driving by, to drilling, because we don't normally thinks earthquake in our area. lisa baden has been taking a lot of phone calls. >> i worry about that cat. sounds like that one needs to go on a diet. f
. >> on 95 in maryland, i 70, 270, nothing at the wilson bridge. in virginia there's a crash from alexandria headed to springfield. on the inner loop at the exit for van dorn street, be careful even eisenhower avenue. traffic is able to get through. be prepared for that. traffic across the american legion bridge moving nicely. traffic away from us on the right is out of bethesda. headlights on the right are from tysons. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> thanalmost 2 million people around here locally left out to dry because of an emergency water main fix in montgomery county. >> expected to last several days. pamela brown is live in potomac. >> the crews are hard at work. they will be working on this pipe in potomac for the next three days at least. more than 2 million customers will have to make sacrifices until then. they're asking them to cut back on water by one-third. that means no outside water usage, including topping of swimming pools, watering lawns, and washing cars. you are asked to limit showers, washing dishes, and clothing. they say the sacrifices are worth it to avoid another
the fire. >>> the traffic alert for highway drivers in virginia and maryland. today state and local police are teaming up to crack down on hov violators. the enforcement program will target violators on 66, 95, 395, and the dulles toll road. during the morning and evening rush hours. in may, they cited more than 1200 drivers. the on the lookout. starting today, the red light camera violators in arlington will get 50-dollar tickets. they've been in place the past month. at three intersections of lee highway. lynn street, fort myer drive and washington boulevard. there's a camera at glebe road at fairfax drive. >>> day 93 of the gulf coast oil spill. the government's point man is downplaying worries that bp's well is buckling under pressure. thad allen says five weeks -- leaks have been discovered but they have been dismissed as early dislike an oil leak in a car. emily schmidt is in washington with the latest. >> now the the oil spill is contained, bp is considering a new way to kill the oilwell. a government decision about it could come today. it is called a static kill, forcing 200,000 g
went into a bedroom and punched her. a teenager in maryland is among dozens of people that were hurt in new gondar. a militant group set off two blasts. more than 60 have died. among the injured is a maryland teenager. she needs surgery on her leg. we will have more at 6:00 p.m.. >> fairfax police are using a new tactic to find a person that murdered a college student that had just come home for summer break. >> it has been two weeks since the murder and there has been a lot of the information leading to the killer in her case. it could be some kind of a language barrier. >> it is front-page news in the papers. the hunt for a killer fo. the stabbing death is of intense interest in the heart of fairfax county's viennese district. police are urgently seeking any lead in this murder case. reaching out in several languages to find a break. the victim was last seen alive in a shopping center. >> we arthe release of this surveillance video shows her driving through the lot. investigators have not heard from anyone who actually saw her in the 10 minutes between when she left here and was fo
monday night or tuesday morning in the 25000 block of sapling ridge lane in brookeville, maryland. it was parked outside the officer's home. a colt m-4 rifle, ammunition, handcuffs were taken. authorities are worried the thief could use that to impersonate a police officer. >>> alleged russian spy ring, three suspects go to district court in alexandria today. the case has captured the nation's attention with its plot that is straight out of the cold war movie. courtney robinson is live in alexandria with more on this. >> good morning. that's right. this whole thing is extremely fascinating. three individuals arrested in arlington are in custody. at 2:00 this afternoon and they will be in u.s. district court facing a judge who will determine whether they will remain in custody and possibly we will learn more about the alleged spy ring. prosecutors say the evidence against 11 alleged russian spies is overwhelming. for arlington residents, the local ties to three are shocking. >> i did not expect anything like that around here. >> off the 20 something mikhail semenko scene in front o
the overhead sign that says delays. let's go to newschopper 7. look at what's happening on 95 in maryland, not much between the icc work in laurel down to the beltway. nothing at college park and greenbelt. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> more water problems in potomac, maryland. a massive water main breaks and a geyser of water if shooting into the sky on wednesday afternoon. crews have stopped the leak, but the repair work on south glenn road will last all morning. -- south glen. >> water shooting 100 feet. >> the intersection of south glen and deep glen in potomac resembled a well-known tourist attraction. >> if it reminded me of niagara falls. >> the pipes serving the city of rockville ruptured under the asphalt, sending a toweling pool of water into the sky. >> it is a lot of water. a shower or in the neighborhood with millions of gallons, raining debris down onto roads and yards that resembled rivers. >> i hope it does not lead us out. >> a driver on his cell phone drove by the geyser and made it through despite being blinded for a few seconds by the water. >> it is a big failure
. we will bring everyone back on line. >>> we're learning more this morning about a maryland man suspected in the areas infamous mother daughter murders. >>> conditions still pose a risk on metro after yesterdalast ye's deadly crash, what this means the passengers. >>> it is wednesday, july 28, i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. first we go to adam caskey. >> you'll notice a little added cloud cover. a little will in the atmosphere is causing clouds. you will notice added humidity as well. 71 degrees in leesburg and front royal, 73 in frederick, 75 in arli -- 77 in arlington. 92 degrees this afternoon. we will see the sunshine, but we just have to wait a few hours. 92 is the high temperature. a little above average for this time of year. added humidity. a few isolated late-day thunderstorms. now to lisa baden. >>> it has been complicated on the beltway, leaving alexandria and getting to tysons. there was an accident that resulted in a car fire, after eisenhower avenue before van dorn street. then there was a work zone close to 236, but that should be out of the road nea
90's's tomorrow. >> beautiful trip in maryland along in4, route 5. nothing on 228. looks good to annapolis on 50. quiet along 270. let's show you the pace approaching hyattstown, that is closest to us. the greenway is open in both directions between reagan national and leesburg. the earlier crash at from dodge ridge is gone. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the washington metro area has the best educated population in the nation. a study by the brookings institute finds 47% of adults in d.c. and its suburbs have a bachelor's degree. that is up from 22% in 1970. if 20% of adults have a graduate or professional degree. >> smarter is a good thing. >>> 5:12, 73 degrees. >>> coming up, apple gets ready to address the iphone reception issues. >>> this could cost $200. >> new calls for the airline industry to come clean about the hidden fees. >>> a revolutionary medical procedure >>> welcome back. in our top stories on this thursday, the oil spill in the gulf is starting to take a toll continually on wildlife. biologists say the oil has killed hundreds of pelicans and other birds on an
for almost 2 million residents in maryland. good afternoon. i am alison starling. there are mandatory restrictions on customers. the water woes will last throughout the holiday weekend. people are having to cut back. good afternoon, pamela. >> we have spoken to several customers. it appears they are following orders. we have seen people out in their gardens not using water. people have reported taking military showers. they are cutting back on water usage. no one has reported a loss in water pressure. behind me, there is an active seen. the crews are still draining the water before they cut out the faulty section. it could take several days before things are restored. this holiday weekend, there will be plenty of fireworks. waterworks are a different story in montgomery and prince george's counties. the line that delivers water to 1.8 million customers is out of commission. >> it is so close to the house. it is great there were able to be proactive before this became a big issue. >> they're working to fix part of the 96-inch pipe after of fiber-optic cable detected fibers snapping ins
.m., with the exception of frederick county, maryland, frederick county, virginia, the panhandle of west virginia, and points northwestward from there. you can see a few thunderstorms are here pushing up to the south and east of washington county, riding right along i-70. continues to slide to the southeast. rainfall rates within that are about 2 inches an hour. that is not a severe thunderstorm yet, but we could see the development of more organized thunderstorms later this midday and into the early to mid-afternoon hours, said the chances to defend islam's does exist until about 7:00 p.m. otherwise, high temperatures near 90 degrees with high humidity, but that will change rapidly with the cold front moving later on today, and we will talk about the details coming up. >> thank you. as the arlington where the search is on for a man accused of assaulting a 7-year-old girl in a playhouse. detectives are asking parents and residents to take a close look at this man's face. courtney robinson is live now with more on this disturbing story. >> good afternoon to you. this often, we have officers out he
of their back yard. >> two years ago, maryland residents voted to bring slot to the state. now they will once again vote whether they belong next to the shopping mall. the referendum was approved today after 40,000 jobs -- residents filed a petition. >> there plenty of other places in and around the county. >> it is now up to voters and out of the hands of lawmakers. >> there are a number of issues with local infrastructure, traffic. >> a major victory for opponents of the idea to put 5000 slots next to the azin naimi arundel mills mall. >> according to the baltimore based developer, this delay will cost the state of million dollars each day and halt 4000 jobs. >> the chairman of the company said -- >> right now, you have residents of maryland traveling to west virginia and atlantic city. they're taking their money out of the state. >> but the word used to live out west. >> now i feel like i cannot put my children on the bus stop. there will be a slot parlor that will be open almost 24 hours a day. >> interesting enough, this really could be a good thing for the maryland club. the state only
wells. >>> now, to battleground maryland where our new poll finds a bob ehrlich with a one point lead over governor martin o'malley. the maryland primaries are expected on september 14. the general election is scheduled for november 2. >>> new problems for the city of rockville is another watermain breaks this evening. it happened at 10800 block of south glen road. this led to water restrictions that were lifted yesterday. >>> a bank robbery suspect is under arrest tonight after barricading himself for hours. they used a taser on the man after he holed himself inside a bus. the ordeal forced the neighbors to stay in their houses. turns out no one was hurt and the suspect was taken into custody. >>> coming up, if you are thinking of getting an iphone, 7 is on your side that you will need to see before you buy anything. >> and the move to keep the power on even if you have not paid your pepco bill. >>> a push to make sure everyone has power and their homes and d.c. leaders say it is a matter of life and death. >> they are behind an emergency bill that would prevent pepco from turning of
the gun show people. greta kreuz has that story. >> 37 states including maryland and virginia have some type of loophol;e exempting certain gun sales for background checks. today, house committee members got an earful from those who say it is time to close them. tom walked into the form, sporting a pair of size 10.5 vans sneakers, warned by his son the day he was shot and killed at columbine high school massacre. eric terrace and dylan klebold bought the weapons at a gun show from a private, unlicensed seller. >> no background check or paper sale. that is where they bought their guns. it is shameful. >> he and others lobbied the judiciary committee to close the loopholes that requires dealers to do background checks but not private cellars, even playing this underground -- undercover video. >> no background check? >> some more families and survivors of the 2007 virginia tech shooting. this person still has three bullets in his body after seung- hui cho's rampage. >> he constantly changed clips, put moran, and just shot. >> some are concerned that second amendment gun rights are being ch
radius of washington, d.c. the second biggest was a 2.7 back in march of 1993 near columbia, maryland. let's go to the stormscan. you can feel it all the way out to 55 miles, out to front royal. franklin county pennsylvania could feel this. that is the latest on this earthquake. i will have more on the forecast later. >> we will get back to your day job. thank you. residents were left shaken up across the region. we are live in rockville, maryland with reaction from there. >> we were in rockville when the earthquake hit, and we began talking with people right away. we heard all sorts of stories, from people that still slept through it, to some who thought a tornado had struck. from rosslyn, to west virginia, this earthquake has everyone talking. >> the highlight of our day is the weather. we have an earthquake, and not just an earthquake, a three. -some think earthquake. >> i heard a rumble. it started like a big truck was coming by. >> i saw a few pictures not where they were supposed to be. >> this was his first earthquake, sort of. a california earthquake brought him into this worl
in maryland and virginia dropped in june. >>> there's words of a touch screen blackberry that will rival the apple iphone and other smart phones out there. research in motion is expected to unveil the new blackberry in new york on tuesday. it will include a new web browser and the slide of a keyboard in addition to the touch screen. it will hit the market in the middle of august. there's no word on how much it will cost. also, a dim forecast for the economy. rob nelson has more. >> good morning. a gloomy outlook for the economy. a new survey finds economists are predicting weaker growth and higher unemployment than a few months ago. one reason they believe the recovery is beginning its companies are still hesitant to hire. if that has led consumers to cut back on spending. it is usually consumers that lead the way out of a recession. the results are in line with the latest findings by the federal reserve. the regional fed survey reveals the pace of economic activity is slowing or holding steady in parts of the country but if it does nothing to point to a double-dip recession. the unemplo
and wires down. the outer loop in maryland, 95 getting to georgia avenue, the crash is gone. let's look at a quiet ride on the beltway between 270 and the american legion bridge. we are live at river road. if in virginia, on the inner loop and springfield after the robinson terminal, now on the shoulder. the left lane is blocked with deep water between braddock road and 236. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> the national park service has completed a long-term plan for restoring the national mall. some key elements include improvements if to the general condition and appearance. also, they plan to provide new bicycle lanes of, improve the field for softball, soccer, tical. and improvements to restrooms, water, and information services. >>> important news this morning for passengers stranded on a high train for hours without air-conditioning last month. the maryland transit administration says passengers five trains 538 on that date are eligible for five vip day passes, each good for one round trip. passengers must fill out a form on the mta website by august 13. >>> 6:12 on this wednesd
drought, mainly maryland. a good chance of rain today. as the cold front pushes slowly to the east, saturday looks pretty damp. sunday looks sunny. partly cloudy today with a few isolated thundershowers later today. more on that weekend straight ahead. >>> thrilling ride around town. no problems on the beltway or interstate. let's look at route 4 and route 5, 228, 210 all good into oxon hill, love the chip to annapolis. baltimore washington parkway looks clean. no issues according to metrorail. everything is on time. driving through virginia, 66, 95, 395 moving at speed. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 12 of the 100 railcars metropolitan of service are back on the tracks. it moved to the cars -- rumbled to the cars because of concerns the doors could open while in motion. six cars are being checked and returned to service today. the job should be complete by the end of the month. >>> even g4 degrees in rosslyn. >>> we will tell you about the latest trend for vending machines that is for adults only. we'll have details. >>> they are taking history and saying it does not matter. >> e
of the maryland students. a -- and accused terrorist appeared in court this morning. he was stopped while trying to board a plane to uganda with his infant son. prosecutors say he was planning to join a somalia-based terrorist group. the judge said a preliminary hearing for tomorrow afternoon. he faces up to 15 years if convicted. >> president obama apologized today to shirley sherrod, the former usda agriculture official ousted earlier this week. a conservative blogger posted an edited video which seemed to suggest she engage in reverse racism but it was later revealed the taken out of context. she said she was pleased with the conversation she had with the president. 21 mindanao that he supported me and i have been dealing with some of the same issues he has been dealing with, especially over the last five years. >> the agriculture secretary also apologized and his recent -- and is reaching out about returning to the department. she says she has not decided whether to accept the offer. will have more on this controversy tonight at 6:00. >> more than a few glitches for today's summer program. a
. -- thousands went without. pepco is planning to work with the council. rupp >>> bill, maryland -- rockville residents can rest easy now that a second water main repair is complete. >>> two men are in custody after a impersonating police officers. courtney robinson is reporting from langley park. >> we understand from two sources that at least one of these men worked as a security guard for a company that provides security for a bid for a station apartments, where everything took place early yesterday morning. the victims are also residents of this apartment complex. according to prince george's county police, around 3:30 yesterday morning daniel blaylock and kennedy ventura approach the victim's on 15th avenue in the black suv with flashing lights. they showed badges and and they robbed the victims. we spoke with one man who did not want to go on camera because he knows both of these men, but says that he's not surprised. he had heard about similar things happening with other security guards. >> you are not even safe even though you have security. you have to deal with the day- to-day situa
blisters. a couple of people are melting. >> maryland reported less than half a dozen he related deaths. one of them in d.c. and three in virginia. temperatures will reach 100 degrees and there is concerned there could be more deaths and injuries. they are worried some will seek relief in the raging waters of the potomac. >> people underestimate the power of the water. there are big time safety issues. >> it is important to mind the heat advisory, going into effect and known and lasting until late tomorrow evening. if you have respiratory issues, you want to take it easy today, especially later in the day as things will get much hotter. in silver spring, courtney robinson, abc 7. >> we are not alone. from texas to maine, people are dealing with sweltering weather as they are doing everything they can to stay cool. this could be one of the worst early summer heat waves on record. to warnings are in effect in at least 14 states. >> water restrictions will remain in place in montgomery and prince george's counties and least through the day. the washington suburban sanitary commission is st
to newschopper 7 flying over 29 in maryland at lockwood drive. we still have police direction due to a traffic signal out. montgomery county is getting back to normal service for the most part. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 6:12, 75 degrees. when we continue, a passionate plea from the mother of a missing oregon boy. investigators are focusing their attention on the stepmother. >>> what is making headlines around the region as well. ♪ storyteller: the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily, the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement. and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. >>> it could be friday before all of the power outages in our area are restored. crews have been working around the clock since the recent storm to try to restore electricity to everyone. pepco has 45,000 outages still in d.c. and montgomery and pr
of maryland are in a bit of a doubt right now officially at. we could use showers because we are in a very dry weather pattern. that is good news for the fourth of july weekend. clouds are pushing to the east, mostly sunny across the region. 65 right now at reagan national. it's 47 in winchester. you need a light jacket out west. 82 and sunny today. a lot of sunshine tomorrow, near 90 degrees. and the humidity by the fourth of july, mid-90s. >>> southbound to 70 out of frederick getting to montgomery county looks fabulous. 95 virginia, the left side of the screen in this camera is trying to get to work, with no major talaya out of dale city heading to springfield. the going is the right side in the geico camera, from the belt way down to richmond, the lanes open. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> our top story, almost 2 million people left out to dry. emergency water main work in montgomery county has forced mandatory restrictions on customers all across the region. the water problems will last for days. pamela brown is live in potomac with more details on this. good morning. >> good morning.
for a masters degree. maryland police say he is also a killer, whose victims include two pairs of mothers and daughters. scott, they say, studied police forens forensics, to learn how to hide his crimes. and the data base from his job at ups, to identify potential targets. pierre thomas has the story on a cerebral serial killer suspect. >> reporter: the horror began on january 26th 2009, as an intruder slipped in. karen lofton, a 45-year-old nurse, was fatally shot as he tried to hide in this corner. her 16-year-old daughter was repeatedly shot as he frantically dialed 911 from her bed. police were perplexed. the doors were locked. no signs of forced entry. neighbors were terrified. >> so when they catch them, i'll be afraid. >> reporter: two months later, the bodies of dell lorless dewitt and her 20-year-old daughter were found in a burning car. another nurse, and a daughter, killed. >> i'll tell you that mrs. scott presented us with a very challenging ability to identify him. >> reporter: today, this man, jason thomas scott, was charged in the murders of the dewitts, and the chief of po
on their businesses. we are live in maryland, jay korff come abc7 news. >> thank you, jay. >>> she used to be living the high life, but tonight actress lindsay lohan was forced to trade it all for a prison cell. >> after leaving a beverly hills courtroom in full view of cameras, and on marked police vehicle and drove lindsay lohan behind closed doors to a jail to begin her sentence. >> she has been extremely cooperative. everything is going smoothly. >> she arrived 10 minutes late to a beverly hills court room where she turned herself in. the judge ordered carries off as lohan was put into handcuffs. her mother was emotional. the attorney was back at her side after famed -- famed attorney robert shapiro quit the case one night before. >> she is resolute. she is doing this. >> lindsay's father held up a sign. >> she was stripped searched and psychologically evaluated. she will be segregated from other inmates for her own protection. she can only leave for one hour per day. >> inmates can be out of their cell into a recreation room. she will not be able to do that. >> she is not expected to fulfill he
visibility. look at the morning temperatures. in western maryland, it was in the low-40's. cumberland was 46 degrees. all of that will be changing. here are the averages. july is usually our hottest month of the year. by the middle of july, temperatures are on average around 89 degrees. i am forecasting though that on monday it could be 97 degrees. there will be great weather for the fireworks, but it will be a sizzling hot day on sunday. it will be in the upper-80's with heat and humidity. i will give you more details later in the program. >> hundreds of thousands of people will be feeling the heat, crowding the national mall for the holiday. preparations are underway to get ready for the massive crowd. we are live with details. >> it is one of the busiest fireworks -- one of the biggest fireworks displays and the country. here and the national mall they have been busy, and tourists say they are excited about the big show. the portable bathrooms are in place, but all of the preparation makes some people hesitant. >> i think it is going to be really crowded on sunday. there will be a lot of
been seen across the area. number of heat related deaths in maryland has already reached six. that's the same number reported in all of 2009. three deaths have been reported virginia and one in the district. people have be fwup to feel it. many people celebrating the fourth of july and we know the heatwave is effecting us up and down the eastern seaboard. be careful and dress appropriately and drink plenty of water. >> thank you. looking at this day ahead. now water restrictions in montgomery could be listed later today. the sanitary commission says crews are trying repair that massive water main in potomac. people could face a find. two citations have been issues and more than 200 warnings. >> metro removed some railcars fromer is sorry. the 4,000 series cars were pulled because of problems with doors. officials say they could open while the car where is moving. these dares can. but they will get put back in service as soon as repairs are complete in two to three weeks. plain's may be getting too comfortable in the sky. there's 22 near coalitions in the first six months of the y
, the race for governor of maryland, because bob ehrlich, who was governor of maryland and chose michael steele to be his running mate, is going to be pilloried because michael steele is being attacked a republican in shoe leather, including charles krauthammer. this the kind of judgment you have, to pick up michael steele? >> it does not help barack obama. his bold, is still -- his poll numbers still stink. >> republicans should be triumphant and michael still has the back on their heels. people said, oh, he is great on message. that is not how it turned out. we have gone back and forth on this call. right now, "politico" is saying that republicans are more likely than not to pick up the house. we change that this week, and michael steele is hurting their fundraising. >> this is the year or republicans have everything at their backs. the economy, and discontent with obama, the gulf oil spill, everything. they keep stepping on each. they have michael steele, they have john boehner comparing the financial crisis tho an ant and the congressman whose name escapes me -- >> joe barton prepar.
breaking news . this is from frederick, maryland. we are over the scene of a major fire. it ignited in a i historic part did the town. we are live at the scene with the late breaking details. >> this fire does not look like it is letting up anytime soon. i want you to take a look behind me. the top left corner, there are still flames. this is by there being more than 100 firefighters on the scene and more than 25 fire companies produce >> residents watch this fire in disbelief. >> i can hardly believe the devastation. >> this building was what and engineering facility but has recently been used for office space. this evening, all of it went up in flames. >> it is just a matter of time. the building is really old in the roof is dry. >> you can see where the roof collapsed, leaving nothing to salvage. >> after 10 or 15 minutes, the fire was just too intense. the heat was too intense. the fire was spreading to quickly. he made his decision to pull everyone out of the building. >> the. power around town has been cut off, leaving people to take in the excitement of the light show with mixed emo
have seen for this line. we see these lines come through from frederick, maryland, into northwest washington. 78 degrees at fort university. dewpoint is 63 -- what a difference. look at the temperatures -- 78 degrees at howard university. look at the temperatures are around the country. our high temperature is only 88 degrees. the record is 103 in 1930. that was the month we had six 100 degree-days. 70's in the area. the dewpoint, what a difference. there is that line pushed to our south. i want to show you the doppler radar, because this was going back into the record books. this is from our colleagues that surveyed the damage. there was that line coming through at 4:00 in the afternoon. look in front of it -- in charles county and prince george's county. this is what is called the outflow boundary, strong winds coming through. thunderstorms and the winds were picking up debris, leaves and insects from around washington, and the radar picked up that boundary. sometimes we can see a lot of things besides rain in the super doppler. so, as we go through tonight, we will continue to
up the skies over in india. in maryland police had to shut down roads at the trees were brought down. power outages left traffic lights and the dark. and more rain is on the way for later today. adam cascade has a look at our first forecast. is it going to be nsc afternoon? >> probably not afternoon but more so evening, and again, while we are sleeping. it looks like the best chance when we have most of the upper level energy moving overhead which helps trigger the showers and storms. you can see gray skies over the metro area. but we have sunshine in and around the shenandoah valley, which will contribute to the thunderstorm potential out west. gray skies right now. super doppler radar, heavy showers over the eastern shore. they are moving out of the region. locally looking at chances later this afternoon and especially tonight, with highs in the mid to upper 80's this afternoon. we will talk more about the warming temperatures later this week. >> so monday, today. adam, thank you. crews are repairing another water main break in potomac. a 24-inch water main broke along southland ro
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